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Jan 29, 2015 22:54 UTC (+0)

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Tellofy for Business

“Connect with your customers, create lifetime value and leverage your brand sentiment across all social platforms”

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telltelloficfic Engage

A powerful technology platform


Tellofy provides you with an easy to use integrated platform to collect your customers’ reviews. Tellofy Engage provides you with a powerful technology platform and tools, with unique pages per outlet (search engines love this) and a centralized dashboard for trend, visibility and reputation analysis.


Tellofy Engage adds value by enabling you to connect directly with genuine profiles of influencers and evangelists, either to create buzz, to test proof of concept or any other brand initiatives via the same centralized managed platform.


Share the best moments with a click across social platforms & brand pages. Tellofy provides you with an integrated platform to leverage your customers’ delight and build your brand’s community online.

Tellofy Touch

Capture the moment of truth

Listen and Engage in Real time with your audience onsite - create customized questionnaires. Collect Reviews in Text, Audio or Video, Single click social Share & monitor advanced dashboards with sentiment analysis.

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Tellofy connect

From E-Commerce, Travel to any website build trust by displaying reviews at a brand or product level.

If you have a web site be it e-commerce, travel or hospitality, you can’t ignore this. Build trust by showcasing trusted reviews at a brand and a product level. Tellofy connect helps you engage your customers, increase conversions and customer retention via its platform.

Our beautifully designed, fully customizable plug and play real time widgets allow you to showcase the ratings and feedback on your web page.

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Tellofy SDK and API’s provide you with all the functionality you need with sentiment analysis and insights for your clients.

Have a mobile app. Or want to design your own front end. Tellofy provides SDK and API for third party partners. Just plug in the SDK and with minimum coding you can have a beautifully designed ratings and review solution in your Mobile App, powered by Tellofy.

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