We launched tellofy initially to make it simple easy and engaging for the consumer to give feedback across channels. Tellofy Touch and Tellofy Connect are great tools to collect feedback from customers and response rates are over 3x above industry average, however we felt businesses needed something even more to engage and make decisions.

We once met a business owner who told us that his key personnel are overwhelmed by the data and information overload which is been generated today across the business from his customers.

Making sense of all the data across channels, in outlets, call centers and social platforms presented a key challenge.

Data in any business is a key asset and often it is unmanaged, is heterogeneous and comes from variety of sources, in multiple formats and is kept in multiple storage locations.

Decision makers and key stakeholders need the single view of relevant data at a click of a button.

Tellofy 2.0 is offers integrated analytics, customer engagement and insights on its platform. It can collate data from various data sources which exist in a business from excel sheets to industry standard CRM’s and Social Listening tools and of course from tellofy’s own feedback collection mechanisms (Tellofy Touch and Tellofy Connect ).

Tellofy 2.0

Revamped platform – AI Sentiment analysis, Improved Aggregation , Audio and Video Collection via QR codes and many more enhancements are now in Tellofy 2.0


Amplifi-Accelerator Cohort

We were part of the first batch of companies selected by Amplifi – SaaS accelerator. This was a 3 month programme and we worked with amplifi to fine tune the product, interacted with business leaders and established our mentors and advisory board.

Saurabh is a technocrat and a serial entrepreneur. Having started his first venture at a very early age he brings vast experience of over 20 years in business management and technologies. He is passionate about digital, data analysis and product development. He has built companies from scratch in India, UK and US, has turned around ailing companies which he has acquired taking them to successful exits.

Saurabh totally believes customer experiences are paramount and businesses must capture and respond to every touch point. The customer today is well informed and well connected, has choices and businesses must have an omnichannel view of the voice of the customer to engage in a timely & effective manner to create loyalty and customer delight.

He loves supporting small businesses and is active member of the Startup and Entrepreneurship Community

In his free time he likes to upskill, plays the guitar and is an avid listener of classic rock.

His personal blog is on


Tarun Nallu loves the big ideas and the entire creative process of putting them to practice to enhance status quo. After spending over a decade in large organizations like HSBC, Infosys, Deloitte and Google. FMXC™ has been the dream come true with the intersection of all the things he is passionate about- people, solution design, teaching, building strategy and operations for sustainability.

A chemical engineer and an alumnus of IIM, Indore he keeps adding to the endless list of hobbies and certifications like COPC, Six Sigma, CCBM (Certified Compensation and Benefits Manager), NIAR (National Institution of Amateur Radio) to name a few.


Samar Jit is an expert internet marketer, having been in the field of internet marketing for over 15 years. As a core leadership member, he heads the SEM and Social Marketing programs in Tellofy.

He is responsible for developing the digital roadmap and go-to-market strategies of Tellofy.

In his spare time, Samar loves to spend time outdoors with his two dogs Floyd and Rave. He is an optimistic futurist and a proponent of sustainable technologies.